Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Makeup, Not as Pretty as You Think

Abstract Week 4


Have you ever thought that the make-up you are rubbing on your face will actually make you look worse in the long run? Well, if you are using chemically-based make-up, it most likely is. Studies have shown that using chemically-based make-up my make your skin pre-maturely age and it is important to use anti-aging make-up that helps the healthiness of your skin. Chemically based make-up creates an environment where bacteria can infect the skin; also the oils can substantially irritate and damage your skin. So, the best way to avoid this is to resort so something natural and pure, as in mineral make-up. Since mineral make-up is made with all natural minerals they can be potentially used for every kind of makeup you might have sitting on top of your vanity. It comes in a variety of colors, just like the minerals in the world do. It also can be applied to all types of skin and will not block or clog pores. Also, mineral make up is actually good for your skin; it serves as an acne treatment, an anti-aging solution, and usually has an SPF of 15 or 20.


I personally wear make-up every day, so this is a great thing to have in the back of my head. I figured that having chemically based make-up on all the time could potentially be damaging, but this really sewed up some loose ends for me. I am really careful to use good make-up so I don’t pre-mature my aging, but now that I see mineral make-up can help with even more than that I’m sure that I will go out and try it! Also, since the mineral make-up does come in a bunch of different colors and shades it will be perfect for when I want to spice up my eyes with some cute eye shadow. I found that this article was really helpful and I will use it the best that I can. I just hope that my skin isn’t already damaged due to me using the make-up I have been using. And hey, it’s a good excuse to get new make-up. ;)

R. Gent


  1. we should have a make up party!! ive never tried mineral make up but maaaaaaybe i should. lol